Top 5: Statement Jewelry

From ear cuffs to mismatched earrings to necklaces that reach all the way down to your navel – this season’s jewelry is anything but boring – perfect for all you Glam Rebels out there!

Here are our ‘Girl in Focus’ Cindy Yu’s Top 5 pieces, all available at Coquitlam Centre.

Ear Cuff

That's right - cuffs aren't just for your wrist! Looking for an edgy yet delicate alternative to earrings? Try an ear cuff! Part sci-fi, part Glam Rock - all style. PLUS your ears don't actually have to be pierced and there's no risk of it getting caught on your clothes (dangly earrings - you know I love you but you wreak havoc on delicate fabrics).

Available at H&M $6.99*.

Statement Necklace

This chunky gold chain necklace really reinforces the rock 'n rolla's whole "go big or go home" mantra. You definitely won't blend into the crowd with this one!

Available at H&M $14.99*.

Stacked Rings

Decorate those digits with a combination of thin bands and larger, chunky rings. For a more cohesive look, stick to rings that play nicely with each other - same colours, same shapes,  same overall style.

Mesh Ring available at Old Navy $8.95*; Black Stone Ring available at Old Navy $6.95*; Beaded Stacking Ring Set available at Old Navy $8.95*; Stone Stacking Ring Set available at Old Navy $9.95*; Chevron Stacking Ring Set available at Old Navy $8.95*.

Mismatched Earrings

No, this isn't a mistake, these earrings actually do not match and yes, you can actually buy them like this (although this is a great way to get some use out of your pair-less earrings).

Available at H&M $9.99*.

Navel Grazing Necklace

After a year full of chokers, a long navel grazing necklace is a welcome change. Big pendants, small pendants - anything goes. Pair with any neckline especially, believe it or not, deep v-necks.

Available at Old Navy $14.95*.

What are your Top 5 jewelry picks this August?

*Prices quoted are regular prices, before taxes. Price and availability are subject to change. Please see stores for details.