Tips for Conquering Black Friday at Coquitlam Centre

Alright folks, Black Friday is almost here. Which means it time for some serious planning.

Want my top tips for making this Black Friday, Friday, November 23 your b****?

Tip 1: Map out your shopping path.

Find out which stores open when. While Coquitlam Centre is open from 9:00AM to 9:00PM on Black Friday, some individual stores (like H&M and Best Buy) will be opening early. Find out which stores are opening earlier HERE.

You don’t have time to get lost! Get to know the battlefield (aka the mall – because yes, sometimes shopping is WAR). View the Mall Directory HERE.

Come up with a plan of attack. Which stores should you hit first? Some stores offer door crasher items which will go FAST while some offer special discounts to the first so many shoppers through the door. Browse retailers DEALS + PROMOS HERE.


Tip 2: Make a list and know your sizes.

The smartest shoppers do a little recon ahead time. This includes figuring out what you want and trying items on so that you don’t have to waste time in fitting room line-ups on Black Friday. Yes it means multiple trips to the mall, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Take photos of items you want and where they are in the store if you think you’ll forget. There’s a chance that they may move things around the store BUT if they don’t, knowing where to find what you want will definitely save time.

Don’t have time to visit Coquitlam Centre ahead of time? Go online, research the latest trends and figure out where to find what you’re looking for.

Prioritize what you want most and go get it first. You’ll be less disappointed if something runs out at the bottom of your list than at the top – and yes, you should actually make a list.

Side note: don’t forget about others. Black Friday is the perfect time to get a little Christmas shopping done so don’t forget to add family and friends to your list. Most stores start their Holiday Return Policy on Black Friday which means that your loved ones can exchange for size, colour after Christmas if needed.


Tip 3: Dress the part.

Whether its throwing on your favourite oversized sweater and ankle boots or sweater dress and sneakers, make sure you feel good in what you’re wearing.’

Keep the makeup light so you don’t smudge and smear during power clothing changes, but make sure you still look like “you” because things always look different pre and post make-up (you all know what I mean).

Don’t wear shoes that you have to tie and untie and save breaking in those high heels for another time. There’s no stopping for blisters.

Wear light layers and leave heavy outerwear in the car. A camisole is your best defence against long fitting room line-ups. Most stores have full-length mirrors in amongst the displays – use them if needed.

Wear appropriate undergarments. See the makeup tip above. I’m sorry ladies but if you’re looking for blouses – don’t wear a sportsbra things just won’t fit right.

Two words CROSSBODY BAG. This is not the time for a clutch or a top handle bag. You need both hands to attack the racks.


Tip 4: Keep calm (and energized) and shop on.

Go to bed early. Malls open early for Black Friday and you’ll be glad you have that extra energy when shopping.

Treat yourself! You got yourself out the door, waited in lines and got halfway down your holiday shopping list. So go ahead and treat yourself to a little something sweet like a cinnamon pretzel from Mr. Pretzels or a chocolate lollipop from Purdys Chocolatier when you feel your energy starting to waiver.

Don’t skip breakfast, delay it. Instead of eating at home grab a smoothie at Jugo Juice or Booster Juice immediately upon arriving at the Mall for a meal that’s both healthy and energizing. Go to the busiest store on your list and dine while waiting in line.


Tip 5: Have Fun!

Grab a few friends who you love shopping with and treat it like an adventure. Black Friday only comes once a year, so why not embrace the chaos and make it into an event!