The Look: Athleisure Aficionado

It’s like the rest of the world has finally caught on to the genius of performance wear as daily wear. ‘Athleisure Casual’ as it’s now known, is the norm for many but just what is this gym-inspired look that is taking over the streets? It’s equal parts sporty and elegance, full of attitude and all about feeling and looking your best. It’s about looking like you’ve dressed for the gym when you’re really off to do something much better.

To achieve this look, simply mix athletic basics like bombers, joggers, leggings, tees and sneakers into your existing wardrobe (yes, dresses, skirts, leather and all) and voilà, instant Gigi Hadid. Sound too good to be true? There is one small caveat: while the goal is to look relaxed, avoid looking sloppy or ratty at all costs. Your pieces should look crisp and clean – like you’ve just rolled off the runway not out of bed.


Brunette the Label Vegan Leather Jacket

To achieve maximum street cred, be sure to mix and match textures and styles - hoodies with skirts, leggings with satin bombers, leather with sweatpants...

Available at Privilege Clothing $210*

Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers

Remember, it's all about comfort so swap your heels for sneakers - especially with dresses and skirts! You're welcome feet.

Just remember, these should be trainers you've never actually trained in...

Available at Town Shoes $110*

Uno de 50 Rebel Voices Crystal and Silver Multi-Strand Necklace

Just because the look is sporty casual, doesn't mean you have to forgo the jewelry. This stunner from Hudson's Bay is the perfect combo of edgy and chic.

Available at Hudson's Bay $265*

AEO Soft & Sexy V-Neck Pocket T-Shirt

Every athleisure pro needs a basic t-shirt. Make sure it's always crisp and looks like it's fresh out of the dryer. Athleisure is a look that requires careful styling - it's not an excuse to stop caring about your appearance.

Available at American Eagle $35*

The Group Faludi Pants

These might look like your average sweats but they are actually made out of an extremely soft felted wool from Japan. Pair with an oversized t-shirt and leather for a more casual athleisure look or with a lightweight bomber and heels for something more chic.

Available at Aritzia $145*

Loving this new style? Tell us about your favourite athletic-inspired outfit.

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