Style Spotlight: Short Sleeved Shirts

So far this month we’ve covered ladies fashion, kiddie prints and home decor, now it’s time for the boys to get in on the fun too!

From bold florals, to modern graphic prints, to traditional patterns like paisley and stripes – patterns are popping up everywhere in menswear. While there are a few patterned pants, shorts and jackets out there, it’s mostly patterned shirts in stores.

When it comes to styling patterned pieces for men, I recommend sticking to one pattern and pairing it something solid coloured like denim or black. Or, pull one of the colours out of the pattern and use that as your solid. For example if the shirt features a blue bird, pair it with shorts in that same blue.

Here are just a few of my favourite patterns, all available at Coquitlam Centre Retailers.

Slim Fit Shirt

A modern take on the classic "Hawaiian" shirt. RW&CO. has a ton of really great printed short sleeve shirts featuring everything from florals to birds to pineapples so your guy will have plenty to choose from.

Available at RW&CO. $69.90*

Regular Fit Oxford Shirt

It's official - pineapples really are everywhere now.

Available at H&M $24.90*

Extra Fine Short Sleeve Shirt

This short sleeve shirt featuring line drawings of leaves is made from 100% extra fine cotton to ensure a super soft feel.

Available at UNIQLO $29.90*

JERMYN & BOND Modern Fit Short Sleeve Shirt

Another modern take on a classic. This paisley printed short sleeve shirt looks great with dress pants or jeans.

Available at Tip Top Tailors $85.00*

Rogan Collage Short Sleeve Shirt

Pair this collage-printed shirt with everything from trousers to swim trunks - perfect for any warm summer day or night.

Available at GUESS $79.00*

Which one is your favourite?

*Prices quoted are regular prices, before taxes. Price and availability are subject to change. Please see stores for details.