On Trend: Corsets

Ok so I know that as far as good reputations go, corsets aren’t high on the list of things that people have had good experiences with but those are the organ-crushing, unrealistic shape-training ones…I’m talking about the fashionable belt-type ones that have taken over the accessory departments of some of our favourite stores.

A corset-type belt is a great way to add definition and cinch in some of your favourite billowy blouses or dresses. They help to add structure and give you a slightly sultry look without actually having to show any skin.

Here are some of my favourite corsets available at Coquitlam Centre.

Corset Belt

Dress up your favourite tunic or dress with this soft, lace-up corset belt that features a zipper on the back. Try it over a wrap dress for an instant style update.

Available at Dynamite $24.95*

Wilfred Audra Corset

Lace this wide corset that's made from 100% soft cotton over a flowy dress or blouse to gently define your waist.

Available at Aritzia $50*

Leather-Like Corset Belt

Go edgy in a faux-leather corset belt.

Available at Le Chateau $29.95*

Corset Blouse

Worried about your corset slipping? Try a corset that comes attached to a blouse! This one from H&M features a hook-and-eye closure and smocking to ensure that it moves with you, yet stays in place.

Available at H&M $49.99*

Le Fou Wilfred Faravel Blouse

Here's another example of a built-in corset. The actual blouse part is silk while the corset part is knit - making this a totally office-appropriate corset.

Available at Aritzia $225*

Will you try out a corset belt this winter?

*Prices quoted are regular prices, before taxes. Price and availability are subject to change. Please see stores for details.