My Bootlegger’s “Jeaneology” Experience … & WIN a “Jeaneology” Experience, Plus a Pair of Jeans for You and a Friend!

Hi everyone … CeeCee here. Recently, I’ve been on a treasure hunt for the perfect pair of jeans, but as most of you know, it is an incredibly daunting task … it takes a lot of time and effort. Whew! After searching for awhile with no luck, I hit the gold mine when I stepped into Bootlegger. The staffs were knowledgeable and friendly and they provided me with their “Jeaneology” experience – I was blown away! Not only did their jeaneologist (an expert on fitting jeans) help me find a pair of jeans that fits me like a glove, but I was able to steal a few great tips on how to find the perfect jeans … and who better to share these tips with than you, my loyal readers?!

The Fit

The first step to finding your perfect pair of jeans is to figure out your fit. Bootlegger features two body types for women – straight fit or curvy fit. The straight fit is for all the ladies out there who are straight from hip to thigh. On the other hand, curvy fit is for those who are narrow at the waist and have contours through the hip and thigh. Important note here … don’t confuse these terms with being skinny or heavier set … these fits describe the overall shape of a body, no matter what size the jeans are. For example, Scarlett Johansson would be a curvy fit and she’s a size 4. Once you know your fit, you can pick your favourite style.

Style: Boyfriend

Designed to sit on the hip, the boyfriend jeans have been a huge hit for the last couple of years. It’s meant to look like you’re wearing men’s jeans, so has a relaxed fit from the hip to the thigh and then straight leg from the knees to the hem. This style works great for both straight and curvy body types. I love wearing this style of jeans rolled up with a pair of black casual booties or keds. Throw on a plaid shirt or a knitted sweater; you’ll be comfortable, yet stylish for a day at the park with the family.

Example of boyfriend jeans: Bootlegger Boyfriend DSW Destroyed Jeans $69.50*

Style: Skinny

My other favourite style is the skinny – I find them sexy and easy to style. Skinny jeans are fitted from the hip to the hem with a slim fit through the thigh and calf, tapering at the ankle. Despite the name, this can work for both body types, as long as you find the ones that work specifically for your body type.

Example of straight-fitted skinny jeans: Bootlegger Skinny Rise $59.50*

Example of curvy-fitted skinny jeans: Bootlegger Curvy Skinny DSW $69.50*

Style: Jean Leggings

If you want a pair of jeans that are skin-tight, then the jean leggings are perfect for you … no matter if you’re a straight or curvy silhouette. This style is the “skinniest” jean one can buy and is form fitting from the hip to the hem. “Jeggings” are what I like to call them and they always look better when they are paired with tunic-style tops.

Example of jean leggings: Brody Grey Jean Leggings $49.50*

Style: Bootcut

I still remember when the bootcut became popular in the 90s! This jean style is a smooth fit from the hip to the knee, but widens from the knee to the hem. Unfortunately, this style can look horrible on you if you don’t get the right pair, cut according to your fit … so make sure you get the right ones for your body type.

Example of straight-fitted bootcuts: Bootlegger Slim Boot DSW $69.50*

Example of curvy-fitted bootcuts: Bootlegger Curvy Slim Boot DSW $69.50*


Now that you’ve found the right silhouette, in the styles you love, find your size and in-seam and head to the fitting room! Remember size is only a number and different brands can size a little differently. Try taking a size up and down from your true size to make sure you find the best fit.


Everyone deserves to find their own true love in a pair of jeans, so thanks Bootlegger for making my hunt a little less painful, and a lot more fun! Are you ready to find your perfect pair of jeans? You have a chance to WIN a “Jeaneology” Experience and a pair of jeans for you and your BFF by commenting on this blog post, and telling us about your favourite jeans style. Contest ends Thursday, August 28, 2014, at 11:59 pm.

P.S. Congratulations Katie May-Rashke for winning the Body Shop Gift Basket.

*Prices quoted are regular prices, before taxes. Price and availability are subject to change.