How To: Wear Wide-Legged Cropped Pants

Now I know that wide-legged cropped pants aren’t everybody’s cup of tea but they can be a super-chic and versatile summer staple if you’re willing to give them a try.

When selecting your wide-legged cropped pants, make sure they sit high on your waist so that they highlight your (or help to give you a) waist. They should land at least 2″ up from your ankle, 3″is better. Also, look for a straight leg – something that’s wide all the way down as opposed to something that flares out at the bottom. I would also recommend finding a pair that is fitted in the bum, it’ll help you feel less frumpy. Start with a narrower pair that’s more fitted in the hips and then work your way up to a more voluminous pair with pleats (like the ones that our ‘Girl in Focus’ Alicia is wearing in this video).

When it comes to picking which top to wear with them, I have a couple of tips that, when followed, will keep you from looking sloppy and will make picking your tops a breeze. First of all, think about proportion. The pants are wide and they are short which means that they look better with either shorter, tight-fitting tops that hit either right at, or above the waistband, or with loose fitting tops that are tucked in to highlight your waistline – basically, you want to be able to see the waistband. You may also want to show a little skin (off-the-shoulder, one shoulder, camisole…) which will help to balance out all the fabric on your bottom half.

Ok, so let’s be honest the toughest part for wide-legged cropped newbies is knowing which shoes to wear with them. Much like most fashion trends, start with the basics until you feel comfortable. Once you’ve been wearing your wide-legged cropped pants for awhile, you won’t even have to think twice and you’ll find yourself reaching for something more unexpected.

See how our ‘Girl in Focus’ Alicia Haque styles her wide-legged cropped pants.

Wide-Legged Cropped Pants

When picking your cropped pants, look for something that will let you dress them up or down. This pair from RW&CO. looks just as good with a blouse and pumps as it does with flat espadrilles and a t-shirt.

Wide-Legged Cropped Pants available at RW&CO. $89.90*; Skinny Belt available at RW&CO. $25.90*.

With Pumps

I don't think I'm shocking anybody when I say that wide-legged cropped pants really do look best with a heel. You could totally go for a block-heel but I think that a classic pointed-toe stiletto is best as it makes your foot and ankle look very dainty, which contrasts with the voluminous pants and makes you look just that much more elegant.

Cassidy Suede Pumps available at Aldo $95*; Striped Blouse available at H&M $39.99*; Hoop Earrings available at Le Chateau $9.95*.

With a Matching Shoe

Looking to elongate your look? Pick a shoe that's the same colour as your pants. This will help to create one, long line. I recommend picking a shoe with some visual interest like criss-crossing straps or a statement heel so that it's not too boring or matchy-matchy.

Block-Heel Mules available at Le Chateau $69.95*; Striped Camisole available at H&M $19.99*; Wide-Brim Hat available at Le Chateau $25*.

With Lace-Up Sandals

Lace-up sandals pair beautifully with cropped pants for a couple of reasons. Number one, the cropped length of the pant lets you showcase your cute, lace-up shoes. Number two, the laces help to make your legs look slim which can help to balance the voluminous pants. Number three, the laces draw the eye up which helps to lengthen your leg (just make sure you tie them up your leg as opposed to wrapping them around your ankle).

PRIV Endless Love One Shoulder Top available at Privilege $79*; Ball Drop Earrings available at Le Chateau $15*; Lace-Up Sandals available at Le Chateau $79.95*.

With Flats

Really any pair of sleek, modern flats will do here, but why not pair them with a pair of this season's hottest flat - the espadrille. Espadrilles are a great way to dress these pants down while still looking chic. Nude is a great choice if you're worried about looking squat.

Sleeveless Blouse available at H&M $14.99*; Espadrille Slides available at Le Chateau $39.95*; DESIGN LAB Sunglasses available at Hudson's Bay $25*; Straw Bag available at H&M $32.99*.

With Barely There Sandals

A lot of people skip the cropped pant trend because they're worried about making their legs look short. If you're one of these people, try pairing them with a barely-there sandal. The thin straps help to elongate your legs.

Amuse Knit Bodysuit available at Plenty $68*; Barely-There Sandals available at Le Chateau $69.95*, Floral Clutch available at Le Chateau $39.95*; Drop Earrings available at H&M $12.99*.

Which look would you wear?

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