How To: Wear Denim on Denim

That’s right…we’re tackling the Canadian Tuxedo today on Runway to Realway!

According to urban legend, the term “Canadian Tuxedo” came about because upon hearing that Bing Crosby was almost ejected from an upscale Vancouver Hotel for arriving in a denim jacket and pants combo, Levis Strauss & Co. sent him a tuxedo made entirely out of denim.

Let’s be real, denim on denim isn’t for everyone. It can be intimidating for even the most fashion-savvy. When done correctly, it looks amazing but when it’s wrong, it’s oh-so-wrong (think Britney Spears circa 2001). In general when styling your denim on denim ensemble, I recommend following five simple steps:

Select Different Washes

The easiest way to wear two denim pieces together is to select different colours or washes. Venturing into denim on denim land for the first time? Try pairing white or black denim pants with a blue denim shirt and then slowly work your way up to head-to-toe blue denim. As a general rule, make sure to wear different washes so that you don't look too matchy-matchy.

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Break It Up with a Belt

A belt is a great way to break up a sea of denim and really helps define your two separate pieces. It also helps to make your outfit look more purposeful. "Why yes, I did mean to wear two denim pieces together. Can't you tell by the fact that I put on a belt"? If you're looking for some extra zing, go for a coloured belt.

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Don't be afraid to accessorize. Stay away from any denim accessories - that would be way too much denim! I also STRONGLY recommend that you stay away from any Western-inspired accessories (that includes your choice of footwear).

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Add a Great Handbag

A really great bag can help to elevate your denim on denim and is a great way to add a pop of colour. Much like a belt, a drool-worthy handbag can help to add depth and definition to your outfit.

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Pick a Statement Boot

Now you don't necessarily have to wear your denim with boots (it is February though). A statement pump or bright sandal does the same thing.

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How do you style your denim?

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