How To: Travel in Style

How many of you have landed at your destination only to find out that your luggage has been delayed and have had to start your vacation in your plane outfit? Or have donned your stretchiest leggings and comfiest sweatshirt only to have your hubby (who hasn’t dressed like a homeless person) suggest stopping somewhere “nice” looking along the way for a roadside lunch.

Somewhere between now and the 1950s travel attire took a big nose-dive. Sure, while travelling in a ‘fit and flare’ dress and four inch heels à la Betty Draper wouldn’t have been super comfortable, it would have added a certain air of excitement and sophistication. Plus you would have arrived at your destination looking glamorous and holiday-worthy instead of now-a-days where most people look like they just rolled out of bed.

Enter the t-shirt dress! It’s comfy, easy to wear and ensures you arrive at your destination ready for anything!

See how our ‘Girl in Focus’ Miranda Hudson travels in style in her tie-front t-shirt dress.


Tie-Front Dress

For anyone that hasn't travelled in a dress before, you don't know what you're missing. Dresses are comfy (nothing to dig in to you while you sitting on a plane, in a car...) and ensure that you land/arrive holiday-ready. Worried about getting cold on the plane? Slip a pair of tights on underneath.

MinkPink Tie-Front T-shirt Dress available at Privilege $89*.


Slip-ons are just as comfy as runners and you don't have to deal with laces when going through Security. Plus how many of your wear your runners with a plan of going to the gym and then you don't...because you're on holiday...which means that they just sit in your room. Whereas you can actually wear a cute pair of slip-ons as part of your vacay looks.

Steve Madden Polly Slip-Ons available at Town Shoes $120*.

Baker Boy Hat

Early morning flights always seem like a good idea when you're booking them...but we all know that that extra 20 minutes of sleep is sometimes crucial. So cover up bedhead with a cute hat. It also acts as sun protection if you're landing somewhere sunny!

Parke Eldridge Baker Boy Suede Hat available at Privilege $68*.

Trench Coat

A trench coat really is the perfect vacation jacket (provided you're going somewhere where you might need a coat). It's lightweight, chic, rain-resistant and easy to dress up or down.

ONLY Lucy Trench Coat available at Plenty $75*.

Shoulder Bag

I love a bag with strap/handle options when I travel, it just makes everything easier. This one is big enough to actually hold everything you need while you're in the air/car but it's also small enough to use as a purse once you arrive at your destination.

Talan Girlfriend Satchel available at GUESS $140*.

What's your go-to travel in style outfit?

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