How To: Mix Patterns at Home

I know that the idea of mixing patterns can be a little daunting for some people but it actually isn’t as scary as it seems – especially when it comes to home decor. Mixing patterns is a great way to update or add some seasonal touches to your home without having to completely re-do everything.

When it comes to mixing prints and patterns – whether it’s your home or your outfit, try to keep a couple of things in mind.

Tip 1: Stick with a colour scheme

The easiest way to mix patterns is to pick ones that are either the same colour, or have the same “main” colour running through them. For example, the coral and white striped pillow and the coral and pink llama pillow that our ‘Girl in Focus’ Meray Froese used to liven up the beige outdoor couch.

It’s also generally easier to match things that are the same “intensity”. So bright tones with bright tones, pastels with pastels…all the bedroom pillows that our ‘Girl in Focus’ Meray Froese selected were different patterns and shapes but they’re all muted beige and blue tones so they all “go” together.


Tip 2: Don’t be shy

Don’t limit yourself. I recommend using at least 3 different patterns (more if you have a bigger space) and spreading them throughout your space. Don’t just clump them all together in one place or your room will look unbalanced.


Tip 3: Think about scale

Select patterns that are different sizes, i.e. a thick stripe and a small floral, this helps to create a pattern hierarchy and gives a sense of order to the space.


Tip: Break it up with some solids

A solid is a great way to break up a sea of patterns. It helps to create separation between the patterns and gives your eye a bit of a break. When selecting your solid colour, pick out some of the most prominent colours in your patterns.


If in doubt, bring the pieces home and play around with them until you find something you like. Nothing says you can’t swap it out again in a couple of months.

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How do you mix your patterns?

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