How To: Gym to Gorg

Ok ladies, now I know that exercise is super important but going to the gym doesn’t mean your day has to be over. There is such a thing as a post-gym life. You don’t have to head straight home, darting from the gym to the car and hoping you don’t run into anyone in your lightly sweat-stained clothes (obviously if you’ve just killed it at the gym, a shower may be in order). Nor do you have to put up with wrinkly clothes pulled out of your gym bag.

So for those days when you want to actually do something after you go to the gym (like run errands, meet a friend for lunch…) I have the solution! It’s all about embracing this month’s street savvy style with a casual, yet put together look. The goal is to look like you planned your outfit, it shouldn’t look like you’ve literally just run from the gym or thrown something on that you pulled out of your gym bag. See our ‘Girl in Focus’ goes from gym to gorgeous in a couple of simple steps!

Slip on a Fresh T-Shirt

When switching from a gym look to a casual out and about look, stay casual with a t-shirt but opt for one that you clearly wouldn't work out in. Something oversized, or super soft, or something graphic. Stay away from anything anything too tight or stretchy and nothing with a built-in bra.

Design Lab by Lord & Taylor T-shirt available at Hudson's Bay $45*

Layer Up in a Cardigan

A long cardigan is a great casual cover-up that doesn't scream ATHLETIC. Throw it on on your way to the gym, leave it in your locker while work out and then wear it out after - much like you would a hoodie. Think about it - do you ever actually wear your hoodie while you work out? Plus, a knit cardigan won't wrinkle if you have to throw it in your gym bag.

Monk & Lou Cardigan available at Plenty $149*

Use a Scarf to Cover Post-Gym Hair

You could totally use a wide brimmed hat here but scarves are so on trend right now so why not embrace it. Not loving the way this one is tied, there are lots of different ways to tie a headscarf. Plus, unlike a wide brimmed hat, you can wash most scarves.

Scarf available at RW&CO. $49.99*


Add a necklace or some earrings. This necklace from Below the Belt helps support job creation for individuals transitioning out of homelessness. So, look good, do good and feel good!

The Giving Keys Necklace available at Below the Belt $50*

Downsize Your Bag

Gym bags are meant for carrying your gym stuff to and from the gym, they're not a purse. Don't be the girl lugging her sweaty gym clothes around...pop a cute clutch in your gym bag.

Spiritual Gangster Pouch available at Below the Belt $40*

Step Into Casual Sneakers

Let me get something off my chest. Athletic-style leggings belong with athletic-type shoes. They do NOT belong with boots (unless they're rain boots), heels, dressy sandals. Ok, now that that's out of the way, when selecting your post work-out shoe, opt for something that can in now way be mistaken for a workout shoe. There are a plethora of casual non-workout shoes out there - grab one of them.

TOMS Del Rey Lace Up Sneakers available at Below the Belt $95*

What are your tricks for going from gym to gorgeous?

*Prices quoted are regular prices, before taxes. Price and availability are subject to change. Please see stores for details.