How To: Go From Work to Play Like a Bawse

Whether it’s date night, after-work drinks with the girls or a night out on the town, we all have those days where we have to go “out” straight from work. So, what’s a busy fashionista to do?

Let’s be honest…picking an outfit is not always easy – let alone picking two outfits for two different activities in one day. Plus – I don’t know about you, but packing a completely different outfit is just WAY too much work! So my trick? Keep your main piece the same and change up your look by swapping out your accessories, hair or makeup. The goal – two fab outfits that are both appropriate for the occasion at hand and stylish (obviously) and that don’t shout “I’m going out tonight” or “I’ve just come straight from work!”

Here are my tips for going from work to play like a bawse:

Select a Great Base

A versatile dress, a classic pair of trousers and silk top...something that's neutral enough to look completely different when you change up your accessories yet obviously still fabulous enough that you actually want to wear it all day. It should be something you feel great in because you're going to be wearing it all day and night. So pick something that won't wrinkle easily, that doesn't dig in, feel constrictive...Keep in mind that it needs to be work appropriate yet not so corporate that you'll look completely out of place at dinner.

Fitted dress with cap sleeves available at H&M $39.99*

Pump Up Your Makeup

Add a smokey eye or a bright lip. Put your hair up, let your hair down - changing your hair and/or makeup is a great way to change up your look. Eyeshadow palettes are perfect for a quick makeup change because they they include everything you need to refresh your look in one handy container. Strengthen your liner with the darkest shade, brighten your eyes up with the lightest shade.

Personality Palette available at M.A.C. Cosmetics $48*

Downsize Your Bag

Totes are great, but they are not ideal for a night out on the town. Toss a smaller clutch, like this classic minaudiere in luxurious rich wine-coloured velvet, in your tote, transfer your essentials (like your phone, lipstick and credit card) over before you head out for the night and leave that tote in your desk or trunk.

Velvet Minaudiere available at Town Shoes $49*

Up Your Jewellery

A pair of statement earrings makes any outfit feel instantly more glamarous (a.k.a. more "night-time"). Plus, they help to draw the eye to your face and away from your recycled outfit.

Tassel Earrings available at H&M $14.99*

Swap Out Your Pumps

When selecting your shoes, go for something modern and slightly edgy. I also highly recommend selecting a coloured shoe as opposed to classic black. These wine-coloured stretch knit booties make this classic fitted dress feel more modern and less office-y. While there's nothing wrong with a pump, a bootie is always a great choice when trying to break down your 9 to 5 look.

Stretch Knit Cutout Booties available at Le Chateau $99.95*

How do you go from day to night?

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