Date Night Outfits for Him and Her by Little Miss Mama

Just love this post by Little Miss Mama on dressing up for date night. Its date night and you need an outfit fast, and what about your man, you’re going to have to get an outfit for him too of course. Tairalyn gives her shopping expertise on how to get the best look for you and your guy during Coquitlam Centre’s Best-Dressed-For-Less Sale!


I am not always 100% sure how people will react to my choice of attire {frankly I don’t put too much thought into it}, but I know ones things for sure, they will not be saying “I bet she shopped on a budget”. I was asked to tackle date night looks for both Sammy and I over this past weekend during Coquitlam Centre’s Best-Dressed-For-Less event. As if I would pass up on this opportunity, I mean when do I ever get asked to shop on someone else’s dime, and secondly when do Sammy and I ever get to shop together, for ourselves? We accepted the challenge, and I for one couldn’t wait to get in the store first thing Friday morning. Their sale started Friday, January 9th and runs until the 18th, it includes so many stores {with a full list here} and let me tell you, we took advantage of as many as we could in what time we had.

First up, let me paint a picture of the perfect date night in the eyes of Sammy and I, as it may differ from most. We are parents, so keep this in mind, we don’t get out much, and by this I mean the last date we had was last year on my birthday *cheers to that*. We like to keep things low key and casual, and most definitely this includes out attire. Dinner out to any restaurant that has great music, good vibes, and poutine, you know, just in case. Next it must serve some sorta chocolaty goodness that leaves the both of us talking about it all night, making an excuse to visit it again. We’d end the night off hitting up a convenience store to get a bag full of penny candy, for yours truly, and potatoe chips and a random chocolate bar for the man, to rush home, get in our jammies and curl up on the couch to watch a movie. I WISH I WAS JOKING. This all screams heaven to me, is that bad?


So now that you know what we are dressing for, let me introduce you to Sammy’s look for the night:SammyBDFL2015
Sammy hit up H&M and found some the sickest pants I’ve seen in quite sometime, and yes, I giggle like a school-girl when I see him in them. He paired it with a Henley Shirt in black, hard to choose actually, as it did come in 5 other colors including a “I know I look good” shade of hot pink. He then fared a few change rooms with me {bless his patients} and ended up over at Blue Line Sports to snag a hat to complete his look. As I do with accessories, the struggle is real, do you go with a team you love and support or simply for design and color. The look came together quite nicely, and I know he will look just as handsome out for dinner, as he will laying on the couch in it.

HIS LOOK: tee, pants, hat
//HIS GRAND TOTAL = $79.89 {plus taxes}

We conveniently parked in front of Target, so as you do, I hit the bullseye for some retail therapy right out the gate. Right away this peplum shirt caught my eye, black, lace, and leather… SOLD. It wasn’t until I looked at the tag when I truly knew today would be a good day, on sale for $7.95. I tried it on along with a few other items and it shone brightest, so she came home with us. Next we hit Old Navy and I won again. My favorite jeans ever, Old Navy’s Rockstars were on a crazy clearance. Regularly $44.95 down to $15.99, and may I add they are worth every penny of that $44.95. I’m sure I own these jeans in every shade, who am I kidding, I do own them in every shade. Walking to the till I noticed a rounder of accessories all slapped with beautiful red tags, naturally they caught my eye. Red always means a good deal, $1.99, $2.99, $6.95, hello! How does this even happen? Done. Done. And done.

HER LOOK: top, pants, necklace, bracelet, ring
//HER GRAND TOTAL = $35.89 {plus taxes}


…AND so we conclude, with 2 outfits, for our ever-so-casual yet ridiculously perfect date night totaling $115.78. That should be some sorta’ record, no? Coquitlam Centre, should we make this a thing? A try and beat Sammy and Tairalyn at a game of best-dressed-for-less date night outfits for under $150. Who’s up for the challenge? Anyone?

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Disclosure : This post was created in partnership with Coquitlam Centre, as always, the opinions are completely my own.