Go Back to School in Style … & WIN a $50 Boathouse Gift Card!

Hi there… it’s CeeCee.  With the teacher strike happening, I know that many parents are in the same boat as me – stressing out about daycare, school supplies, and whether or not to start buying new clothes for school.  Although the likelihood of school starting next week is zero to none, I’ve decided to start getting my kids ready for school so that I’m not procrastinating last minute … they have to go to school sooner or later … right?! Here are a few back-to-school looks I’ve put together for you … just in case you don’t have time to browse Coquitlam Centre for outfits.

The “Hipster” Boy

I’m not sure when the “hipster” style became a “thing”, but it’s really popular these days with teens and young adults. I know this style is not for everyone, but I actually really like it on some people … they can really rock the look. Being trendsetters, “hipsters” love to wear clothes that aren’t “mainstream”, so I pulled a pair of “joggers” – a skinny, fashion version of sweatpants, a maroon cardigan, a printed shirt and a pair of Vans boat shoes to finish the look.

Available at Boathouse: Kolby Cardigan $48*, Kolby Shirt $24*, Vans Shoes $65*, Tainted Denim Joggers $48*

The “Street” Boy

This look is more mainstream … with jeans, a t-shirt and button-up shirt. Obey is probably one of the most popular brands at the moment, so I picked an Obey shirt to go with a pair of Levi’s. The plaid shirt will be great as outerwear, and I love how this plaid shirt matches the red Hershel backpack.

Available at Boathouse: Levis Jean $70*, Obey Shirt $35*, Hershel Backpack $40*, RCVA Plaid Shirt $60*, Black Well Boots $120*

The “Dylan” Girl

For the ladies, I’ve pulled a look that is very similar to the “Hipster Boy” as it’s the female equivalent. This looks is for the feminine tomboy who loves bold prints and standout quality. She’s young, rebellious and edgy … and she cares about having her own individuality.  I picked out a print dress, which she’ll pair with high-top boots and a plaid button-up shirt.

Available at Boathouse: Rebel Rouge Dress $28*, Rebel Rouge Plaid Shirt $38*, Roxy Boots $90*

The “Harlow” Girl

This outfit is more conventional with a bit of a bohemian flare. The type of girl who would wear this is young, free-spirited and whimsical. During the summer, they follow festival wear and are into Boho and tribal chic styles. Although the overall look isn’t 100% bohemian, the big knitted sweater actually has a tribal stitching on the seams. This look is simple and cozy … perfect for back-to-school in the fall.

Available at Boathouse: Harlow Jeans $48*, Harlow Sweater $40*, Hershel Backpack $40*, Vans Shoes $54.99*

Youth: Boys in Training

For those who are between the ages of 6 and 12 and are already training to look fabulous for school, this outfit is trendy and comfortable. I love layers for boys during the fall season, since it’s easier for them to adjust to the temperatures – it’s chilly in the morning when they arrive at school, but by noon they’re hot from running around the playground.

Available at Boathouse: Kolby T-Shirt $18*, Vans Shoes $54.99*, Black Cat Cartel Pants $30*, Kolby Plaid shirt $28*

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P.S. Congratulations to Nicole Wc for winning the Jeaneology Experience Contest!

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