On Trend: Accessorize with Fitness Trackers

A fun accessory to be sporting for the Sport Luxe look is a fitness tracker. As we become more health conscious, there are an increasing number of trackers on the market. Ultimately, there isn’t one tracker that is “the best”; it’s al about finding the right one for you. Here is a roundup of my top five favourite fitness trackers.

Apple Watch Sport

The most coveted Apple Watch is definitely a fantastic option as a fitness tracker. It’s an accessory that does it all! It acts as a phone, a calendar, a heart rate sensor, a GPS tracker to name a few.

Available at Apple $449*

SkyCaddie Linx Golf Watch

Golfers, this watch is for you. Preloaded with 34,000 maps, this watch supplies accurate and easy-to-read distances and targets as you navigate the green. It also features an Intelligent Automation and a digital scorecard.

Available at Sport Chek $299.99*

Polar M400 Fitness and Activity

This fitness tracker brings together style, performance and comfort. It has a built in GPS and advance training features that can easily monitor your pace and distance, while offering you guidance throughout your training.

Available at Sport Chek $219.99*

Fitbit Charge

Energize your day with the Fitbit Charge – a high performance wristband that tracks your steps, distance travelled, calories burnt, active minutes and stairs climbed. You can also stay connected throughout the day with Caller ID.

Available at Sport Chek $149.99*

Ibitz Unity

Looking for something simple? Take your fitness to the next level by keeping track of your daily activity with the iOS compatible tracker. It’s water resistant and clips on your waistband or shoe to track daily activities such as steps, calories burned, weight, and vigorous activity.


Available at Sport Chek $49.99*

*Prices quoted are regular prices, before taxes. Price and availability are subject to change. Please see stores for details.