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TREND ALERT! Fall 2014 Colour Must-Haves

Hey, it’s me…CeeCee. Have you been hitting the stores lately? I am loving all the bold, fun colours that I’m seeing everywhere!  It seems like the designers are breaking away from the usual neutral colours and throwing in bright colours for Fall … I can’t wait to get creative with my wardrobe this season.

On Trend, Style, The Look

Oh My Girl! Back-to-School Style

Hi Mamas & Papas … it’s CeeCee.  I’m eager for school to start, but so is my daughter … crazy right?! Well … she’s not quite excited for school; she just wants to wear her brand new back-to-school outfit. With her blooming love of fashion and the latest trends, she had a blast picking out…

On Trend, Style, The Look

Oh Boy! Back-to-School Style

Hi … CeeCee here.  Coquitlam Centre has been buzzing for the past few days and my guess is that people are preparing for school … despite the fact that teachers’ strike is still on. I’ve been running around shopping for my two little monkeys and I’d love to share with you the outfit I bought…


Top 5 Backyard Barbeque Games

Hi friends … its CeeCee here. If you’ve read my previous posts, you would know that I love to host parties in my backyard … birthday, barbeque, brunch, and many more. With Labour Day coming up and the summer coming to an end, it’s tradition for my family to host a barbeque soiree for family…