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Top 5: Athletic-Inspired Accessories

Want to know the easiest way to incorporate this month’s #SummerStreetStyle into your wardrobe? ACCESSORIES!! Our ‘Girl in Focus’ Alicia Haque is game, so you should be too! Here are a few of our favourite athletic-inspired accessories, all available at Coquitlam Centre.

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Top 5: Sports Bras

Sports bras – whether it’s for actually working out, for those lazy days around the house, or to wear out as a top under a pair of overalls or an oversized t-shirt every girl needs at least one in her drawer. If you do plan on wearing your sports bra for exercise – make sure…

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Style Spotlight: Summer Street Style

This August, we’re taking inspiration from athletic-inspired, street style. It’s all about incorporating a few key athletic pieces to create outfits that are edgy yet comfortable (think Rihanna). Try unexpected pairings like tight-fitting dresses and oversized hoodies, joggers with heels, and sneakers with just about everything! See how our ‘Girl in Focus’ Alicia Haque embraces…

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How To: Take a Slipdress from Day to Night

I don’t know about you, but my closest is smallllllll which means that I need pieces that do double, even triple duty and I definitely don’t have room for fancy dresses that I only wear once in a blue moon. Enter the slipdress. Because of it’s limitless styling potential and it’s ability to transition from…

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Top 5: Summer Wedding Outfits

Is anyone else sick of the basic dress and heels wedding guest look? Sure, you may mix is up in terms of colour, pattern and silhouette, but at the end of the day – I feel like I wear the same thing to every wedding…pretty dress, pretty shoes, great bag and when I look around,…

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Beauty Buzz: Radiant Face Masks

Face masks – skin care necessity or luxury? No matter your skincare concern (blemish-prone skin, dullness, dryness, redness…) a face mask should be part of your skincare routine. Not only are they a skin saviour, but they’re also a great way to relax after a looooong week. I’m a fierce lover of face masks and…

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Style Spotlight: Sun Kissed Glam

Ahh Summer. With the warm weather, comes the inevitable increase in additions to one’s social calendar. From grad parties, to showers, to weddings, to patio dates with the girls – Summer is all about dressing up! This July, it’s time to amp up your look and take your style to the next level with #SunKissedGlam….


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This month it’s all about taking your look to the next level and going glam. We’re talking trendy prints, jumpsuits, wrap dresses…perfect for all those summer parties, weddings and date nights! Since your wardrobe is stepping it up, it’s only right that your complexion follows suit. To help give your skin that sun kissed glam…