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Stay Away, Acne!

Hi Beauty Queens … it’s CeeCee. Do you have problem skin? Let’s be honest … most people have dealt with pimples or acne during their lifetime. Maybe you have light breakouts or are acne-prone? With the change in weather, my friends and I find ourselves breaking out a lot more. Here are a few items…

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Insider News: Kiddos Footworks is Now Open at Coquitlam Centre!

Hi Parents … it’s CeeCee. As a parent, I know the pain of finding cute, quality shoes for my kids. There are an abundance of shoe store for adults, but I still have not run across a children’s footwear store … until now. Coquitlam Centre recently opened Kiddos Footworks, a store that specializes in children’s…


Cheap Chic – Refresh Your Home for Spring with Items Under $30

Spring is definitely in the air, wouldn’t you all agree? It’s me again, CeeCee … and right now, it seems like the perfect time to give your home a little refresher and get it ready for spring. I’ve been doing some window shopping at Coquitlam Centre to help you find the perfect items to brighten…

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Run, CeeCee, Run

Hello Health Nuts … CeeCee here. As spring approaches, I like to start getting myself into the habit of running regularly again. Although many do run throughout the winter, I can never seem to successfully motivate myself to run in the dead of winter. To prepare myself for my workouts, I’ve made a list of…


Start Your Own Book Club This Spring

Hey bookworms … it’s me, CeeCee. Lately, book clubs have really been on my mind. It seems like so many of my friends are part of one and they’re always talking about these fabulous books they’ve read. I figure a book club is a perfect activity for a myriad of reasons … including meeting people,…


Happy Hour at Cactus Club

Hey all … it’s your favorite fashionista, CeeCee. I was in a very cheerful mood today and it got me thinking about all the things that make me happy. Fabulous fashions, spa days, date night with the hubby, a killer pair of pumps and of course Happy Hour.