Your Runway to NYC Contest Winner: Nora Swistak

This spring, Coquitlam Centre ran the ‘YOUR RUNWAY to NYC’ contest which offered shoppers the chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to New York City during Fall Fashion Week. This unique prize package for 2 included:

  •    – Return airfare from Vancouver to New York City
  •    – 3 Nights Accommodation
  •    – Transfer to/from the airport and….
  •    – Tickets to a VIP Fashion Show.

The contest generated 3,332 in-mall entries and another 2,635 online entries plus a fair amount of online buzz.

Once all the ballots were vetted for eligibility and entered into our system, the lucky winner was selected.

Coquitlam Centre would like to send a very big CONGRATULATIONS to Nora Swistak from Coquitlam!!

Needless to say, Nora’s thrilled to be heading to New York Fashion Week this fall with her son.

In preparation for her big trip, on Friday, July 29, the amazing teams at Zennkai Salon and Eccotique Spa & Salon treated Nora to a day of pampering. See below for some images of Nora’s big day and to find out what’s she’s most excited about.

Cee Cee: Hi Nora. Congratulations again! Let me tell you there has been a lot of interest in who won this contest! Why don’t you start by telling us a little bit about yourself.

Nora: I’ve lived in Coquitlam for over 20 years, am a mother to an awesome young man, and my interests are health and wellness, and of course, fashion.

Cee Cee: Tell us what was going through your head when you found out that you had won the My Runway to NYC Contest.

Nora: My initial thought was that my computer was hacked.  Once confirmed that I was the winner I was super excited.

Cee Cee: Haha! Yes I suppose it was a pretty surreal email to receive, especially because we had to be a little vague while we made sure you meet all the eligibility requirements. Why is the date you found out that you won the ‘MY RUNWAY to NYC’ Contest so significant to you?

Nora: Because it was my BIRTHDAY!

Cee Cee: That’s amazing! What a nice birthday present! So, now that it’s really, really official – who have you decided to bring with you?

Nora: My son. He’s 24 and has never been to New York City.

Cee Cee: Aww that’s so nice. He must be so excited!

Nora: Yes! He’s very excited and it’s his birthday in September so we’ll be spending his birthday in New York.

Cee Cee: So you found out that you won on your birthday and your son’s birthday is while you’ll be there? It’s DEFINITELY meant to be! What does this trip mean to you?

Nora: It’s a chance to spend time with my son, It’s a mother and son bonding trip.

Cee Cee: What are you most excited about or looking forward to?

Nora: The whole experience.

Cee Cee: How are you feeling about the trip right now?

Nora: I’m very excited.

Cee Cee: I can imagine. How has the experience been so far?

Nora: Awesome. It’s still sinking in.

Cee Cee: Is there anything else you want people to know about you or the overall experience?

Nora: I have been a proud supporter of Coquitlam Centre for over 20 years and am moved on their generosity.

The Cut

In preparation for New York City, Nora wanted something trendy, modern and pretty yet easy to care for. The amazing Kailey at Zennkai Salon suggested a combination of colour and textures to give Nora the look she wanted.

The Colour

Kailey suggested creating a subtle ombre effect that would frame Nora's face. She started by removing Nora's existing colour and gave her a darker, richer base with lighter highlights throughout.

The Makeup

Once Nora's hair was coloured. It was time to move over to Eccotique Spa & Salon for her makeup application and skin consultation. Nora was once again looking for an updated look that she could easily replicate while on her trip.

The Style

With her makeup freshly applied, it was back over to Zennkai Salon for a blow out and curl. Kailey showed Nora how angling the curls away from her face creates a youthful yet sophisticated and polished look that opens up her face.

The Results

Nora's new look is stunning (not that she wasn't stunning to begin with). Her hair is modern, feminine and sophisticated while her makeup is subtle and elegant - perfect for New York Fashion Week.

Please join us in congratulating Nora!