Top: Back-to-School Shopping Destinations at Coquitlam Centre

By Guest Blogger: Jamie Dunlop Khau, of Styling the Inside

Back-to-school shopping doesn’t have to be an all-day event. In fact, when I brought my daughters to do some back -to-school shopping we found everything we needed in 6 stores at Coquitlam Centre. It was so nice to cruise around the mall and find our essentials in just a few hours. If you’re a last-minute in and out of the mall shopper like me, Coquitlam Centre is where you can find all of your children’s back to school essentials!

Below is a list of the top places we found what we needed for back to school:

London Drugs

The girls and I found some great deals on school supplies at London Drugs. They have a variety of supplies to fit your child/teenagers needs. This wasn;t even something I was thinking about when we decided to do our back-to-school shopping at Coquitlam Centre, but it's the number one essential! We can't send our children back to school without some pencils and notebooks. I’m so happy we found school supplies at London Drugs in the mall. It really was a one-stop shop and they have some awesome deals.

Below the Belt

I don’t know about your children but the backpack and lunch kits they choose are a big deal! When we entered Below the Belt they had SO many to choose from! My daughters especially loved the pizza print backpack. Small, large, medium and more, this store has the most stylish back-to-school backpacks and accessories!


My girls love popping into Claire’s and looking at their accessories. Being the practical mom, I am, I didn’t think this would be a back-to-school destination but boy was I wrong! They have so many notebooks, backpacks, pencil toppers, and erasers. I think we said, “AW, this is so cute” way too many times while we were in there.


Footlocker was our destination for back-to-school indoor shoes and runners for PE. The brand-new store has a bigger selection for kids and juniors than it did before!

Old Navy

We love the deals we find at Old Navy for the entire family. On our back-to-school visit we found some great deals on outer wear. I was hoping the vest we found for my daughter came in adult size. I want it too!


We found jeans and accessories at H&M. My daughters loved trying everything on and we were surprised at how soft the denim was. My girls are only fans of jeans when they feel soft & stretchy. Thankfully, H&M had just what we were looking for.