Top 5 Health and Fitness Apps

Hey fitness gurus … it’s CeeCee.  There is no getting away from technology these days—we breathe, eat, and sleep with our phones … even though we might try to deny it. Although I attempt to limit myself from spending too much time on my “gadgets”, I do love using them for my health and fitness … in the form of apps. With endless options, it can be tough to know which apps actually enable results, which is why I’ve selected my top five health and fitness apps, designed to help you create a healthier you.

For Fitness & Strength: Nike Training Club

This app is one of my favourite apps for fitness and strength building. It features more than 100 full-body workouts that include step-by-step visual, audio, and video demos. Want to be super fit like a pro-athlete? This app also features tips and routines from some of the world’s most inspirational female athletes, trainers, and celebrities. The best part … this app provides you with a four week workout program tailored to your abilities and fitness goals.

Cost: Free. Available for iOS and android.

For Tracking & Analytics: Argus

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to track everything that happens during the day … especially things that we may not pay attention to on a regular basis. Argus tracks everything – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This app monitors every step, stride, bite, snore, and more. It produces detailed charts that can help you uncover important trends in your personal health habits, keep track of your daily routine, reach your health goals and improve overall well being. This app is easy on the battery … which is a definite plus!

Cost: Free. Available for iOS.

For Weight Management: My Fitness Pal

For those who are hoping to shed a few pounds for bikini season, this app is the one for you. Acting as your personal digital dietary journal, it makes you more aware of what you are eating and makes you think twice about what you put into your mouth. Their extensive database has more than three million foods and over 350 exercises. You can also enter your own recipes so that you can keep track of the nutrition info and calories for your homemade food.

 Cost: Free. Available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

For Mind & Brain: Braingle

Do you want to exercise your cognitive skills? Download Braingle. This app has over 20,000 brain teasers, riddles, logic problems, quizzes and mind puzzles. Not only can this improve your brain, but it’s also fun when you’re waiting for your dentist appointment.  No internet connection on your phone? Don’t worry, you can download the teasers onto your device so that you can keep your mind sharp even when you’re offline.

Cost: Free. Available for iOS.

For Zen & Mindfulness: Calm

Sometimes it can be difficult to find peace of mind and relax after a hectic day, which is why I love this app. Calm offers a soothing, guided meditation for whenever you need a break from your day – even if it’s a short one. It helps me to empty my busy mind and to just focus on my breathing … which most of the time, is all I need.

Cost: Free. Available for iOS an Android.

There is only one rule you have to keep in mind when it comes to health and fitness, just keep at it and have fun!