Top 5 Backyard Barbeque Games

Hi friends … its CeeCee here. If you’ve read my previous posts, you would know that I love to host parties in my backyard … birthday, barbeque, brunch, and many more. With Labour Day coming up and the summer coming to an end, it’s tradition for my family to host a barbeque soiree for family and friends. To keep everyone entertained, we usually have variety of games planned suitable for every age.


Who doesn’t love blowing bubbles? It’s simple, a little messy, but tons of fun … especially for the kids. My son just can’t get enough of bubbles! It’s also inexpensive and can keep people entertained for a lot longer than you think!

Available at Target $2.99*

Jump Rope

“Bluebells, cockle shells, Eevie ivy over” … who remembers these rhymes? I was once the jump rope queen in middle school and I must say … I haven’t quite lost my touch yet. I love playing jump rope with my kids … not only do we get a healthy competition going, but I’m getting my exercise for the day.

Available at Target $4.99*


Although this one isn’t for me (I still haven’t quite grasp how to get the kite flying high), but my hubby is great at it … he’s got the magic touch. Kids can spend hours trying to figure out how to fly a kite … and once they do, the smile of accomplishment on their faces is priceless.

Available at Target $7.99*

Mini Bowling

My family is a little competitive, so we love to challenge our friends and extended family to a game of mini bowling.  It’s a great game to get everyone together for a few laughs.

Available at Target $9.99*

Bean Bag Toss

Every child loves bean bags, so this year we decided to add a Bean Bag Toss to our collection of barbeque games. We bought it at Target and my monkeys are so excited to try it out.

Available at Target $29.99*

What type of games do you usually play during your backyard barbeque parties?

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