On Trend: The New Puffer Jacket

While a puffer jacket for Winter definitely isn’t new, this season’s puffer features ginormous “puffs” (which actually called “baffles”, who knew?) and are slightly oversized.

Ever wonder why so many winter jackets are filled with down and feature baffles? Down (usually goose) is used because the “loft” or fluffiness of down creates tiny little air pockets that trap warm air and retain heat and because it’s extremely lightweight. Those puffy channels are actually functional. Baffles keep the fill evenly distributed and create a chamber which traps heat to keep you warmer.

There are two types of baffles, sewn-through and box. Sewn-through means they sew directly through the inner and outer layers of the jacket which traps the down in place and sort of squashes it down. This means that sewn-through jackets are generally sleeker but are not as warm as their box baffle counterparts because heat escapes through the seams. Box baffles are essentially little individual boxes that are sewn together (I’m not totally sure HOW they get sewn together but they do). Each separate baffle has it’s own section of down which is able to move around freely within the baffle, maximizing loft and therefore trapping more warm air. Box baffle jackets are usually puffier and warmer but because the process is more complex and requires more material, they’re generally more expensive.

The number you see on a down jacket is a measure of the loft of the down and it’s insulation properties. The higher the number, the more air pockets in the down which means the warmer it’ll be. The rating goes from 400 to 900. Most jackets fall between 600 and 800.

So if you’re looking for MAXIMUM warmth, look for something that’s rated 700 and up and was constructed using box baffles.

Lucky for us, big, box baffles are super on-trend this season which means you’ll be warm and toasty all Winter long!

1996 Retro Nupste Jacket

Inspired by the iconic design lines of the 1996 Nuptse Jacket, this boxy puffer provides lofty warmth with deep baffles that are stuffed with 700-fill Responsible Down Standard (RDS) goose down insulation. The hood can be stored in the collar when not in use.

Available at The North Face $349.99*

Seamless Down Puffer Jacket

The seamless design of this slightly oversized, water-repellent puffer helps to block the wind so you stay warm. Extra padding has been added to the hood to give it a puffier, more 3-dimensional look.

Available at UNIQLO $179.99*

Luna Peak Down Parka

Stylish 6"-wide baffled quilting holds 650 fill Premium RDS Down in place and delivers sub-zero warmth. The StormRepel finish sheds moisture while the elastic at the sides of the hood and around the cuffs helps seal out cold.

Available at Eddie Bauer $259*

The Super Puff Mid

Engineered to deliver warmth to -30°C / -22°F, the Super Puff will keep you super warm where it counts. Designed with maximalist proportions, it’s made from an innovative Japanese ripstop fabric that’s water repellent and gives when you move.

Available at Aritzia $278*

McBride Down Bomber Jacket

Using Canatite® Active Waterproof Technology and 700 Fill DownTek™ duck down, the McBride Insulated Bomber Jacket delivers urban-styled cold weather protection. Details, like the removable fur hood trim and strategically placed inner and outer pockets, make this the ultimate all-purpose jacket.

Available at Atmosphere $400*

Are you a fan of the new puffer?

*Prices quoted are regular prices, before taxes. Price and availability are subject to change. Please see stores for details.