How To: Parenting Essentials

By Guest Blogger: Nira Arora, Fall’s ‘Girl in Focus’ On-Air Radio + TV Personality, Blogger + Mom

If you’re a parent then you know- life is constantly on the go.  I’m a working mom of two boys who are five and three years old- and I’ve got my third on the way. I used to think my life was busy- but after becoming a mom- it’s next level!

It’s fun- but it’s hard- it’s amazing but it’s hard- it’s ridiculously rewarding- but it’s hard!

Here are a few parenting essentials that could potentially make life a little bit easier for you as a mom on the go!

Mabel's Labels

MabelsLabelsLabel everything! Seriously- no joke your kids of this innate desire to leave their belongings anywhere and everywhere. 

I realized this once preschool started- labeling is the key.  Everything you buy for kids is already expensive, but when you have to buy the same thing a second time- that is next level annoying. 

I found Mabel's labels- pre-made labels and tags with your children's names. They come on adhesive sticker like labels that you can use on their clothes, toys, shoes, hats, gloves, water bottles, thermos, and even chargers- strange I know- but they go missing too!

Anything that could possibly need a label- Mabel's Labels works.  Plus you can throw your items in the wash- with the labels on them.   They’re extremely durable, they’re laundry, dishwasher and microwave safe – and they’re 100% guaranteed.  Just order them on line with your kid's names and done!  Pure lifesaver!! 

Peekaboo Beans

PeekabooI like to buy local as much as I possible can- it's a great feeling to support local brands and to get great quality on top of that. Peekaboo Beans is exactly that- local and amazing quality clothing for children.

My boys have worn Peekaboo since they were babies and my older son Shae passed down his stuff to my younger Aavi and even after Aavi - these clothing items are ready for pass down number three. Their goal is make clothing that inspired kids to play in comfort and not feel restricted by their clothing.   It's cute and it's practical and it's the hands down one of the best quality clothing my kids have worn. 


33103100-8307_Jimmy Winter_RookieGreenTombBrownPlaid(1)

For some reason my boys have this idea that it's not fun unless they can get the dirtiest and wettest possible when they come from outside. And now especially with Vancouver Fall to Winter into Spring we never really know what type of weather we're going to get. We do know there's rain- but not quite sure how much of it- but it's also cold. So you need boots that keep your kids feet not only dry but also super warm and comfy cozy.

That's where Native winter boots come in- versatile, reliable and they look good too! 

Majority of their boots are water resistant and hand washable- my favorite part is the micro fleece sock in the Jimmy Winter Child Boot to keep those toes warm! I love The Sid Boot not only because it's waterproof but it's also odor resistant. 

A major selling feature is that these boots are also super durable and can be passed down to younger siblings no problem.

Available at Below the Belt $95.00*

Saje Natural Wellness


If you're a parent you constantly have those moments that I like to call possible 'breaking points' - you're not alone- just remember that you too are human and you can't do it all- all the time, without having moments of weakness.  I sometimes feel like I need to give myself a timeout!  

Well- to help you in these moments of despair- I'd like to provide you with some zen- easy all around you non stop zen! – Saje Natural Wellness has aromatherapy necklaces which can be worn anytime and you use your favorite Saje essential oils in the necklace! Helps you keep the zen with you at all times. And when needed take that extra inhale and let the essential oil do its relaxation magic! 

Sacred Circle Aromatherapy Jewelry available at Saje Natural Wellness $69.95*

xoxo Nira

*Prices quoted are regular prices, before taxes. Price and availability are subject to change. Please see stores for details.