How To: From TV to YouTube…Tips On How to Dress For Video

By Guest Blogger: Bianca Solterbeck, Coquitlam Centre’s Spring 2017 ‘Girl in Focus’ Writer, Producer + TV Host

Whether it’s for an interview on Global TV, a Facebook Live or you’re finally starting your own YouTube channel, finding the perfect look can make the experience feel amazing! Here’s the thing, you don’t need to resemble a model to look great on video, but you do need to be confident.

I’ve been on Shaw TV, Global TV, BC1 and hosted everything from elections to talk shows. Over the past 10 years, I’ve had fashion fails (they still haunt me on YouTube!) including when I interviewed Jillian Harris!!  But we’ll get to that later.  Let’s review 3 simple tips on looking and feeling camera ready!


When you are on camera, colour is your best friend! The camera does not care for white, cream, beige, grey-those colours will wash you out. I recommend jewel tones. A rich purple, sapphire, ruby, emerald and any shade of pink will do amazing things for your hair, eyes and skin tone.  The right shade of yellow and orange makes you look friendly and warm. Trust me, you could have the most beautiful beige or grey sweater, but unless you are in a TV studio with incredible lighting and a make up artist, it won’t translate on screen and you’ll be disappointed. Also, avoid busy patterns because they can look wavy on camera, like the pattern is moving. Also, it can make you look bulky.


I recently made the mistake of wearing a shirt I love with no structure. I was in the studio waiting for the floor director to count down to the segment and I made the mistake of casually glancing at the monitor. The shirt clung to my body in a weird way and seemed to create lumps and bumps where there are none. You get the point. Wearing a thicker, more structured shirt, dress or pant ensures there is not room for error and also makes it easier for you to wear a microphone (microphones need a thick piece of material to attach to). You can be sure that however you sit or stand, it will stay put.  You’re also less likely to fidget with what you’re wearing, which means you can concentrate on what you want to say!


Just because I work in TV does not mean I never get nervous! As a former shy kid, getting in front of the camera is always a rush! As many of you can probably attest to, it’s quite a rush when you do something that scares you!

I always find little things to do that give me confidence. First off, I prepare. If I’m prepared, I go into the video/interview/event feeling in control. Then I imagine myself being great. After that, I imagine myself screwing the whole thing up…. huge! This usually makes me laugh a little and I relax! It makes me admit to myself how unlikely that is to happen. Finally, I make sure I feel good in what I’m wearing. It doesn’t have to be expensive or super bold and trendy. It just has to be something that gives me confidence. I look at my outfit like a costume and it helps me feel like the person I want to present and be in that moment.

Earlier, I alluded to my outfit-fail with Jillian Harris. Here’s what happened…I had been trying to get her and Todd Talbot on my talk show for months and I was so excited when we booked her. I love her style so I knew my outfit had to be fab. I paired a purple shirt with an animal print blazer, which is not my usual style. But this was an exciting interview for me-I went rogue! On the day of the interview, I realized the shirt was super thin and constantly looked wrinkly (I ignored my structure rule) and the blazer looked really busy on camera and gave me no shape. In fact, it made me look like I had no waist! As you can see in the picture, Jillian nails it in smoky quartz jewel tone dress with thick material. It never lost its shape, framed her body and made her skin, eyes and hair look gorgeous. So there you have it folks, do as I say-not as I do!!