Be a Healthier You for 2016

Heading into mid-January and already having a hard time keeping up with your 2016 resolutions? Ella Jotie, our Girl in Focus and Barre Fitness Creator, has a few important tips to help you be happier and healthier for 2016.

Set Goals

Make this year different by changing your mindset. Instead of simply listing your resolutions, take the time to assess WHY and HOW your accomplishments will affect your life. Visualize your success and set your goals accordingly. What does your life look like when your goal is reached? How will you get there?

K.I.S.S.S. - Keep it simple silly… and be specific!

Divide your goals into manageable chunks, and take baby steps to your success.

Eat Clean

So what is Clean Eating exactly? It means no preservatives, no fillers, no junk … just real honest, nourishing food. Choose fresh veggies and fruits or locally sourced organic meats. Ditch the packages, processed foods that provide little, if any nutritional benefit … and when in doubt, read the food labels! If it has more than eight ingredients or just one you can’t pronounce, put it down. Cut back on sugar and enriched white flour and go for whole grains instead. You will notice a difference.

You are what you eat, so don’t be fast, easy, cheap or fake!

Get Moving!

Be consistent with your exercise regime. Start slow and work your way towards your fitness goal. Find a physical activity that you enjoy, like running, dancing, yoga or barre. If you are having fun, you’re more likely to work harder and stick to it. Even 10 minutes a day will go a long way to getting you feeling and looking better.

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