Girl in Focus: Erin Moore

Are you inspired and influenced by women you know and see that have incredible ‘style’? Their unique ‘look’ always seems to reflect both their personality and lifestyle. I sure do!

Coquitlam Centre has just undergone an exciting rebrand … and as part of that process, our blog is changing as well. Welcome to our first blog under the new ‘Runway to Realway’ masthead. I’ve approached some dynamic women I know to share their style with you, my fellow fashionistas. My first ‘Girl in Focus’ is Erin Moore. Many know her as the wife of Port Coquitlam’s mayor, Greg Moore, but she’s so much more than that. She’s a smart entrepreneur, a wonderful mother, and has the cutest “mod” style. Let’s meet her.

CeeCee: What do you do for work?

Erin: I own a consulting company, Livable Region Consulting. For the last three years, I was the administrator overseeing the staff and pastors at Riverside Community Church. I have now taken on a new contract as the Executive Director of I AM SOMEONE, a non-profit organization working towards ending bullying.

CeeCee. Wow … you must be one busy lady! What is the best part of your job?

Erin: Research and strategic planning.

CeeCee: What’s your next big life goal?

Erin: To be as fit and healthy as possible … while having fun!

CeeCee: That’s a goal everyone should have! What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Erin: Live for today and leave tomorrow’s worries and troubles for tomorrow.

CeeCee: What’s the most important advice you can give your daughter?

Erin: If you have nothing else to offer the world but manners and kindness, you are set for life.

IMG_7035-cropCeeCee: Very true. Let’s move on to some questions about your style. How would you describe your style?

Erin: Classic and timeless.

CeeCee: I personally live by CoCo Chanel’s quote, “Girls should be two things – Classy and fabulous!” As you can tell, she is one of my style icons … who is yours?

Erin: It’s more of an era – the 50’s and 60’s.

CeeCee: Ah! That explains your “mod” style. Which stars’ sig nature looks have inspired yours?

Erin: Kate Middleton, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Hutton.

CeeCee: What style trends are you excited to try this season?

Erin: Stripes!

CeeCee: Good pick … the nautical look is classic. So, who are your favourite Coquitlam Centre retailers?

Erin: GAP, H&M, Aritzia, Town Shoes, Hudson’s Bay.

CeeCee: What’s the best fashion secret you’ve ever learned?

Erin: Simplicity, clean lines.

CeeCee: That’s definitely a great tip to go by … you can never go wrong with simplicity. Let’s talk about our beauty regime. What are your favourite beauty products?

Erin: Dove mild soap and Neutrogena daily face moisturizer with SPF15.

CeeCee: It’s so important to wear sunscreen everyday … rain or shine. Being the busy lady you are, what’s your beauty trick for getting out the door fast and still looking great?

IMG_7082-cropErin: A practiced routine of the same daily application.

CeeCee: What do you never leave home without?

Erin: Lip liner and lipstick.

CeeCee: What perfume do you use?

Erin: Elizabeth Arden

CeeCee: And now, on to some lifestyle questions. What are you currently reading?

Erin: “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins

CeeCee: I’ve heard great thing about that book. It’s on my list of summer reads. How about movies? What is your favourite movie?

Erin: The Proposal

CeeCee: What’s your ideal night out?

Erin: Sushi and movie.

CeeCee: Yum … I love sushi. Sounds like the perfect date night! So to work off all that sushi, what’s your favourite way to exercise?

Erin: hiking.

CeeCee: What are three things in your bag you can’t live without?

Erin: A pen, my wallet and my iPhone.

CeeCee: I can’t live without my phone either. It’s bad, isn’t it? That’s it for now. Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions, and letting our followers get to know you. I can’t wait to see what your favourite summer ‘style’ picks will be.