20 Questions with Britney Gill

Coffee or Tea? Both but coffee is more important to my sanity. I use tea medicinally and steep herbs etc for therapeutic use. Gaia gardens in Kitsilano has a tea for every ailment! 

Snow or Sunshine? Both but sunshine while I’m snowboarding is always a treat. Not sure you can beat a good beach day with turquoise waters. 

Wine or Beer? Both changes day to day — depends which one I am most mad at. 

Sweet or Salty? Shoot. Both, again, even 50/50 on this one. More like sweet AND salty. 

Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn? Marilyn 100%. But I do like the naughty and nice approach so maybe it’s both. 

Movie or Book? I wish I was telling the truth if I said book but I don’t have much time to read these days. So movies or audiobooks playing in the background while I hustle away on my computer is my reality. 

Mascara or Eyeliner? On a desert island, mascara. But both are in my makeup bag right now. 

Hat or Sunglasses? Both. Haha. These are hard! I like to double up on sun protection and paparazzi hiding techniques. 

Dogs or Cats? DOGS! Finally (but Persian cats are always invited) 

Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer? Laura Mercier tinted everything, not into foundation. 

Perfume or au naturel? Au natural perfumes 🙂 

90’s Grunge or 60’s Glam? A grunge/glam fusion ideally. 

Road Trip or Flying? Both! I always love to rent a car when I fly anywhere so I fuse both adventures into one. 

Heels or Flats? I pretend it’s heels but it’s sneakers + boots. 

Online or Store? When you have big boobs it’s all about the store but I really get lost in online shopping wormholes and have at least 3 shopping baskets full in my browser tabs at any given moment. Oops! 

Hair Down or Ponytail? Top knot all the way. My hair is down to my butt so I need to tame the beast. 

Bags or Shoes? Both but I spend more on shoes! 

Monochromatic or Colour? Monochromatic. A dash of floral prints is as wild as I get. 

Leather or Lace? Lace under leather. 

Gold or Silver? GOLD, I’m Indian after all.