20 Questions with Almira Bardai

  1. Coffee or Tea? Coffee
  2. Wine or beer? Wine
  3. Pizza or Pasta? Pizza
  4. Movie or book? Depends what the movie or book is … but usually a book.
  5. Apartment or house? Apartment
  6. Mascara or Eyeliner? BOTH!
  7. Lipstick or Lipgloss? Lipstick
  8. Short hair or long hair? I used to have very short, cool hair – my stylist used to cut it with a straight-edged razor. It was very funky and cool. About two years ago though, I decided to grow out my hair and now I’m in love with long. I may surprise us all and go uber-short again.
  9. Dogs or cats? A very cute puppy. Otherwise neither.
  10. Foundation or Tinted moisturizer? Foundation
  11. Chocolate or candy? Chocolate
  12. Roses or tulips? Roses
  13. Road trip or flying? Road trips with an amazing group of friends. Otherwise flying to exotic destinations
  14. Heels or flats? Heels
  15. Quality or Quantity? Quality
  16. Online or store? Store
  17. Hair down or ponytail? Hair down
  18. Bags or shoes? BOTH!
  19. Monochromatic or colour? Colour
  20. Pants or dresses? Dresses